Guls Studio Height-Adjustable Table

Lambor, with its streamlined geometry trimming, pays tribute to Lamborghini in terms of the shape. Every corner and every line demonstrates its unique highlight. Breaking through the traditional furniture setting, Lambor acts as the embodiment of intelligent furniture for its intelligent sensor system and the automatic lifting office table. No more need for notebooks and pens to the meetings, Lambor greatly improve your efficiency with such smart office systems.

  • Geometric edge design is like the diamond, dynamic and future-oriented;
  • Lambor boasts lifting function, smooth and noise-free, endowing you with silent, intelligent and healthy office space;


Guls Studio Sit-to-Stand Automated Desk

I-work Ⅱ brings not a simple change, but a kind of evolution. It is like a considerate steward of yours, through office behavior simulations among different ages, heights and genders, I-work Ⅱcan ascend and fall between 740mm and 1,200mm freely. It also has a built-in memory button, which can automatically memorize the desk height for sitting and standing.

  • A high-end lifting supervisor desk series and an expression of healthy work
  • Equipped with desktop wireless charging and multifunctional interface device, convenient yet practical;
  • Touch screen LED memory lifting button, intelligent and easy to adjust;
  • Pop-out handleless side cabinet and such detail elaborates the simple style to the full.


Guls Studio Sit-to-Stand Desks

Made with the precise technique inherited from automobile making industry, this sit-to-stand desk is here to redefine healthy office working with its smart height-adjusting system and the concise shape. From sit to stand, I-Plus brings not only a change, but a revolution.

  • Dual-motor lifting desk for a noise-free workspace;
  • 2.40mm per second lifting speed;
  • Available in one-piece desktop screen, simple yet convenient;
  • Various models and sizes of panel for your choice.


Guls Studio Sit-to-Stand Desks

Long-time sitting causes sub-health. However, a little change of the working desk can improve your health status. It not only ensures wellness, but also improve efficiency at work.

UP1 will surprise you when you try it.

  • Long-time sitting reminder;
  • Four position memory modes remember your best working position, providing comfortable and convenient experience;
  • Stop automatically when hitting an obstruction;
  • The performance of dual motor desk is smoother, more powerful and more quiet;


Guls Studio Functional Workstation

Invariable working space with common workstations is boring, which damps down people’s enthusiasm and weakens spirit at work. Meanwhile, sedentary workstyle only does harm to your health.

Sunon now offers you the perfect solution: I-tech. It is the product that creates versatile working environment and also helps you to avoid the hazards of sitting too much.

  • Basic features:Route range: 655mm-1225mm (including desktop)Speed: 40mm/sTime to reach the highest position from bottom: 14.25sSound: <50 decibels;
  • Intelligent function features:
  • 1. Long-time sitting reminder;
  • 2. Connection with mobile phone for health data collection and analysis;
  • 3. Book your desk before going to the office. This function can fulfill the needs of co-working space area as well as of those who need more flexible working time in office;
  • 4. Four position memory modes remember your best working position, providing comfortable and convenient experience;
  • 5. Check errors automatically. If the desk is not working, simply push the down button for 5 seconds, when the LED screen shows RST, push the M bottom. When the screen shows 000, the error is corrected.
  • 6. Stop automatically when hitting an obstruction.

I-tech is composed of various elements: screen, cabinets, desk, accessories, so you can create different types of workstations.