Guls Studio Leather Executive Chair

Calm is a high-end leathered chair with unparalleled sitting experiences. Through a combination of Nappa leather and first-classing sewing technique, Calm is a vivid example of craftsmanship and exquisiteness. It’s ideal for keeping a calm focus on your work.

  • Genuine leather – uses selected Nappa cowhide
  • High-density seat sponge
  • Ergonomic backrest conforms to the natural curve of the human body
  • Steel handrail decorated with leather is one-piece, held in place without a single screw.
  • Uses Durkopp Adler world-class sewing technique from Germany


Guls Studio Round Office Chair

The Round Edgeless Executive Chair for Managers is part of the Round Executive Series. It integrates elements of uprightness and roundness, and polishes sharp edges with modesty and humbleness. Smooth touch brought by manual polishing sends out a time-honored craftsmanship.
The Round Leather Executive Chair is designed with a scientific waistline and a 15° tilting degree, offering long-lasting comfort and flexibility.


Guls Studio Chair Series

The inspiration comes from the diamond-cutting shape of Cadillac, with concise and straight lines, wide slope and joint angle of 45 degree.

Coupe Office Chairs Dubai are made of imported PE lacquer finish material, which requires a very demanding processing environment. The finish is moisture-proof, pollution-free and shines like a mirror. The height of chair back is adjustable to meet different office demand.


Guls Studio Ergonomic Leather & Mesh Office Chair

As an expression for the love of art, Vertu series is innovatively-designed and meticulously-made. No word needed, its ergonomic structure, exquisite appearance and practical function naturally speaks for its position as a high-end product series and the outstanding taste and status of its user. Get the best office chair for your posture and work style.

  • High-end office chair series with diversified configurations and comfortable sitting feeling;
  • Galvanized aluminum alloy back frame, luxurious and superb;
  • Quality Wintex brand double mesh imported from South Korea, comfortable and durable;


Guls Studio Certified Ergonomic Office Chair

Inspired by the bridge pose of yoga, H2 Bifma Certified Ergonomic Office Chair ingeniously embraces a 3D dynamic dual-back to relieve the pressure felt by your lumbar region, and help you maintain the right sitting posture throughout working hours.

  • Original Design – Awarded nine patents
  • Personalize your lumbar comfort
  • 30-degree swing allows you to stretch your body freely


Guls Studio Ergonomic Office Chair with Lumbar Support

The breathable mesh back keeps you comfortable no matter how long you sit in the everyday best office chair. The foam lumbar support is exclusive for you to relieve pressure on your lumbar, and the armrest, feels good by touch, supports your elbow and let your shoulder muscle in the most relaxed state at any time.

  • Dynamic lines, as safe and reliable as warrior’s armor;
  • Different configuration, flexible enough for various demands;
  • Combination of Black and white color livens up your workspace;


Guls Studio Adjustable Office Chair

Crafted by the cutting-edge German design studio FORM AND BRANCH, the AVEZA office chair UAE is inspired by the wings of a flying bird. It is a chair that swings with you flexibly while keeping its own balance, helping you break out of sedentary work style and adding more dynamic for the office elites at work. No matter what your height and posture is, the chair can provide a most comfortable experience, meeting diverse work needs.

  • The V-shaped back support perfectly fits your back like a stretched wing and eases your lumbar and back like tender hands;
  • The ergonomic design of the backrest allows easy adjustment according to your sitting position;
  • Unique dynamic mechanism design empowers your 360 joints and 700+ pieces of muscles to move effectively.


Guls Studio Ergonomic Lounge Chair

An office with chic design can liven up work atmosphere and boost innovation, and with such thought in mind, Sunon’s design team creates Ducky lounge chair which draws on the cuteness of Donald Duck, adding vitality and delight to your office space. Ducky’s ergonomic structure supports the passion and vitality of your day, while three kinds of legs–wood leg, 4-star metal leg and refined steel cube leg cater for both home leisure and office environment.

  • Duck-shaped appearance, full of delight and enjoyment;
  • Choices: Soft or hard seat, wooden, steel tube, or four-star leg;
  • Single color and mixed color available for choice, together with various materials options;
  • Various Ducky products formed a Ducky family


Guls Studio Lounge Seating

Chessy, with its flexible silhouette, swinging left and right, back and forth, sparks creative ideas all day long, no matter during discussion or in routine work. Waisted design adds a touch of dynamics to Chessy. Like a roly-poly toy in office, Chessy relieves your working pressure with the leisurely swinging movement, bringing so much fun to your workplace.

  • Small in size, delicate and dainty, Chessy can fit in any surroundings easily, whether large or limited space;
  • 13KG weight makes Chessy easy to move;
  • Chessy bears any weight effortlessly;
  • Skid-proof rubber base stands millions of times of friction test, always support you steadily;
  • Height adjustment ranging from 510mm to 750mm, allows you to freely switch your working status