Guls Studio Luxury Office Sofa

A rich array of colors, specifications, materials, and finishes makes Chen perfect in all kinds of spaces. Chen offers reading sofas, leisure sofas, working sofas, chatting sofas, and lunch break sofas; you can always choose what you want based on the integral style and layout of your room.

  • Available in luxury, executive, modern, minimal, and distinguished versions
  • Delicate stitching and exquisite edge banding constitute an elegant outlook
  • Carbon steel legs are scratch-resistant, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.


Guls Studio Luxury Modular Office Sofa

Star sofa’s consistent craftsmanship is delivered through exquisite details. Wide armrests, functional storing boxes, artificial bases, multi-layered cushions… all together display unparalleled charms.
  • Multi-layered cushion and made with real leather
  • Human-centered design principles
  • Elegant shape in multiple configurations


Guls Studio Ergonomic Office Couch

Simple – a new work and life style. For casual talks, discussions, or just personal thinking, Simple sofa starts the day with you, livens up your discussions, and makes your meeting harmonious more than ever. Let it embellish your life.

  • Simple office sofa set consists of three types, catering to different demand of office space;
  • The three types adopt “polyline” design, simple, modern yet exquisite;
  • The modular design of S322 makes the collocation flexible, and the semi-private space is also available with free combination;


Guls Studio Executive Office Sofa Set

In pronunciation, ROUND is a homophone of “beginning” in Chinese, implying energy of living; in meaning, ROUND corresponds to the mellow appearance of the product. Besides. It’s also the center position in I-go, representing the key position, implying user’s identity as a leader.

  • Combination of round and square, fluid design;
  • Combination of veneer and leather, high-quality material;
  • Hanging waistline technique of file cabinet, luxurious Italian leather technique;
  • Intelligent equipment and five-star device, wireless charging, following trends;
  • International hardware, leading quality;
  • Considerate configuration, convenient in use.

Inclining handle, multi-functional
45° inclining handle design, looking like open arms, making arms more comfortable, also used as pillows.


Guls Studio Sectional Office Sofa

Flower 6 – Natural and Flexible
The Flower 6 series lead people back to nature. With various needs being met, it makes use of the space efficiently, representing the beauty of balance between human and nature.

Like Tetris, Flower.6 office sofa set can stand alone or cluster together, making the most of every inch in the space. The flexible modular sofa will grow and evolve together with the space, and could be easily assembled into create different looks that conform to different needs of its users as office reception sofas to vibrant seating near workstations.

  • Exquisite appearance with comfortable materials
  • Multiple colors with high and low configuration options, add flexible and amusement accent to office

Flower F0
Taking the natural elements represented by peacock feather in the nature and combining the pressure relief of ergonomics, the Peacock Feather is a leisure seat with both natural beauty and “three-dimensional waist protection” function to offer comfortable sitting in multiple scenarios.

Flower. 1
Inspired by flower petals, Flower.1 Sofa is a balance between dynamic and static. The sofa, together with its cute shape, smooth lines, and various colors, adds a vigorous and bright hue to the space.

  • Smooth cambered lines add the soft twist to Flower. 1, bringing more relaxed experience of being safely protected;
  • Bicolored spliced fabric offers you a brand-new visual feast;
  • Choice of fabric and leather material, fixed type and movable type, caters to your need perfectly;

Flower. 2
Embracing you like a blooming flower, Flower.2 blurs the boundary of home and office. Its bionically-designed armrest and backrest with a soft touch always give you the tenderest care and the firmest support.

  • Two types of Flower. 2 for your choice;
  • Multiple colors for your choice, and pillows in various colors can be matched for a delight atmosphere;
  • Galvanized/matte metal understructure, stable and fashionable;

Flower F5
Flower Dance shapes a variety of spaces with artistic inspiration. Six different shapes dedicate to multiple scenarios, integrating art and humanity into furniture, and creating different spatial spirits. When we sit or lie on the sofa, we enjoy comfort and explore the balance between artistic beauty and comfort of the office sofa.

Flower. 8
Either for a little chitchat, or the afternoon reading, Flower.8 could meet every need of yours with its modular design and unconventional collocation as small office sofa. Flexible in function, various in color, soft in touch, Flower.8 is always a highlight in your working space.

  • Modular design makes it possible for free combination, catering to different space demand, be it for work, learning or leisure;
  • The material is water-proof, grease-proof, and anti-fouling, resilient and soft, very easy to clean


Guls Studio Modern Lounge Seating

Today is a time of changes and innovation, and conventional designs can no longer satisfy increasingly high aesthetic appetites of people. Tetris introduces interesting Tetris into sofa design by reshaping sofas into square grids. Through imaginable combinations of modular parts, Tetris will fill your space with vitality and infinite possibilities.

Tetris is all about changes. Each module is independent yet able to be fitted in any combination, even office reception sofas. No need to worry about space size or style, Tetris is your one-step solution.

  • The main frame made of Russian larch over 50 years ensures its strong support;
  • Diverse modular combinations are steady, flexible, but by no means old-fashioned;
  • Multi-functional coffee table offers a more space-efficient office.


Guls Studio Ergonomic Swivel and Lounge Office Chairs

Covered with the cashmere imported from Denmark, Coach has a mellow shape and a tender touch. Being suitable for all kinds of spaces, this elegant and comfortable lounge chair will always soothe your stresses and fatigues caused by work with its warm embrace, and entertain your guests with its ergonomic design.

  • The shape is concise and the lines are smooth, ergonomically-designed, help you to sit in the most comfortable and the healthiest posture;
  • Embedded with metal framework, available in stainless steel legs and solid wood legs, and the structure is stable and durable;
  • Full range of products in this product line, could meet different needs of different spaces.

Choose a Seat for Leisure
Coach lounge seating or office sofa set offers you a variety of choices for seats in special occasions. These products could be used for reception areas, library and a conference room. The rich and bright colors and soft lines can meet aesthetic needs of the users.


Guls Studio Ergonomic Lounge Chairs


With shape like a pistachio or a mouth wide open, UU adopts hidden stitching technique to hide thread, sketching a stereoscopic contour. Its 45-degree section of three finger breadth offers softer support for your elbows, and the two cobble-shaped pillows of 10cm width, one for leaning and one for holding, spark inspiration during interactivity and add joy to any conversation.

  • One-piece steel leg, assemble or disassemble at your convenience;
  • With special dyeing and weaving technique, the fabrics of UU is like the picturesque landscape;
  • Two cobble-shaped pillows are equipped, suitable for reception area/leisure area/conference area.


C-shaped UC is like a swing. Sitting on it, your body and mind become fully relaxed. Decorated  with leather finish on its upper part, the steel-frame leg fully explains “less is more”. Its 8 quilted points divide the seat and back into 18 soft sections, and sofa cushion is filled with EPE of 6cm thickness, transforming the sofa into an inviting massage equipment.

  • Swing-like UC adopts stainless steel leg in matte grey color;
  • The thin leather sofa back is matched with thick sofa cushion fabric, simplistic yet comfortable;
  • The fabrics is water-proof, anti-fouling and grease-proof;
  • Sofa cushion is filled with highly resilient EPE, no worry about deformation after sitting for long.


UD’s capsule-shaped connecting part has no screws and redundant decoration, simple yet glamorous. The upper connecting part of larger diameter envelops the lower part, and with the built-in gas lift mechanism equipped, a height of 3sm is reserved for buffering, perfectly fitting any move of your body. 360-degree revolving function shapes an elegant “dancer” out of you.

  • Uncluttered seat and smooth back bring UD its sleek appearance, showcasing small office sofa in elegant and attractive space;
  • 360-degree revolving function makes for an agile chair;
  • Raw material imported from Denmark.


Guls Studio Office Sofa

Unconventional and Innovative – Two & Three Seater Office Sofas
Shaped like a Dutch Lace Collar, the Sofa is luxurious, elegant and classic. The smooth lines and beautiful color matching make Rabat Office Sofa more of an artwork than a piece of furniture. The armrest and backrest, which are much higher than those of regular sofas, play the role of screens meeting the needs of private negotiations.