Guls Studio Mobile Training Tables

Training space, while existing for sharing, it is to seek and to adapt to various meeting, training, communication, negotiation, and to create a comprehensive system. Mandis office training tables series is born with quality that meets such demands. The castors make it move with ease, and there’s lock on the castor to make it stable if you combine the desks.

  • Streamlined understructure, together with double-colored edge banding technique, lights up your office space effortlessly with Mandis training table furniture;
  • The desk is collapsible and stackable, and can be jointed together with connectors, and as there are locks on the castors, you can move the desk or make it stand still at your will;


Guls Studio Functional Training Desks

Bring your training with Mandic Office Training Tables, and motivate yourself to become a fast learner in heated discussion.

Efficiency always takes the first priority when it comes to staff training. Mandic training table furniture collects desks, cabinets, and white boards for efficient learning. The feet design takes inspiration from elegant ballet dancers and the chair is easy to move with omni-directional castors. Mandic office training tables can be easily folded and stacked, saving more room for different training lessons.

  • The castors are flexible in height within the range of 5mm to maintain table stability;
  • Desktop with wood grain is available for choice to build a space of warmth and care and a space for efficient learning;
  • Dual-color banding technique with touching hook details;
  • With a height of 1650px, the desk is perfect for hanging your bag and umbrella;
  • The innovative design of the foldable desktop with a switch in the middle edge allows you to turn it by 90° using only one hand;
  • Two types of functional white boards with or without a cabinet, designed with a concealed slot on the bottom edge for hanging a pencil box, 4637.5px high, suitable for people of various heights to write on;
  • L-shaped mobile cabinet that can be sit on includes one drawer and three chests: an experienced organizer at your service.