Guls Studio Luxury Executive Office Furniture

Created by the leading German design team of Form and Branch, the appearance, materials, and techniques that Altaes embodies together demonstrate its exceptional attention to detail and quality. As a flagship masterpiece, it’s set to bring you a future-facing and intelligent working experience.

  • German Design: Form & Branch is an industrial design studio based in Mitte, Berlin.
  • Height Adjustable Executive Desks with built-in 3D gesture sensor and a digital display function.
  • The embedded infrared ray-sensing light enhances the intelligent nature of Altaes File Cabinets.
  • The Altaes Leather Chairs have diamond-shaped handrails, made of the same material as the cylinders of luxury cars


Guls Studio Contemporary Executive Series

Born with innate design taste and artistic style, Aulenti is created to pay tribute to the art of space through the embodiment of beauty and power. Aulenti is beautiful in contour, in figure, and in texture, and the meticulous techniques and superior raw material adopted endow it with high quality and powerful function.

  • Co-developed by Sunon and an Italian designer, Aulenti pays tribute to space design, classical yet elegant;
  • Suspending visual impression is created by the separated Aulenti chair back and armrest, the file cabinet as well as the shape desk top and leg;
  • Beautiful in figure: Cantilevered design is adopted, breaking the conventional thinking, classic and elegant, solemn yet characteristic;
  • Aulenti adopts 3D wood veneer vacuum coating technique to realize one-time molding, thus every detail becomes more visible, and every texture smoother; the sliding wood tray is delicate and exquisite; the sofa and chairs use high quality Nappa leather, which is fine, breathable and elegant;


Guls Studio Leather Executive Series

Office Desks, Conference Tables, Cabinets, Coffee Tables
In pronunciation, ROUND is a homophone of “beginning” in Chinese, implying energy of living; in meaning, ROUND corresponds to the mellow appearance of the product. Besides. It’s also the center position in I-go, representing the key position, implying user’s identity as a leader.

  • Combination of round and square, fluid design;
  • Combination of veneer and leather, high-quality material;
  • Hanging waistline technique of file cabinet, luxurious Italian leather technique;
  • Intelligent equipment and five-star device, wireless charging, following trends;
  • International hardware, leading quality;
  • Considerate configuration, convenient in use.


Guls Studio Stylish Office Desk

Born in Milan, Status perfectly interprets the integration of western and eastern culture. This desk made of real wood veneer, inheriting the magnificent appearance from the Triumph Arch, is a symbol of social status of its user and is a vivid manifestation of the design philosophy “stylish, comfortable, and tasteful”.

  • Stylish, comfortable, tasteful;
  • 45 degree beveling technique, appearance of the Triumph Arch, designed by Milan designers;
  • Unique design of the bevels and large span, concise lines and shape, classic and steady.


Guls Studio Executive Office Desk

Especially-developed for middle management, Larry is well-designed, business-oriented and of high quality real wood veneer. Teamed with concise lines and thin desktop, and decorated with metal and wood veneer, this small-to-medium scale modern executive desk well conforms to the taste of young managers in business companies.

  • 8mm ultra-thin desktop, the technique is of leading standard in the industry;
  • The design of the contrast between thick and thin edges is innovative in design;
  • The combination of diversified material, including widely-used grey leather, silver metal and black and shinny aluminum alloy, shows its modernness and sense of business;
  • Equipped with large storage space and powerful cable-routing function.


Guls Studio Executive Desks

Storage Display and Dynamic Space
It provides sufficient space to display honors and achievements in an unprecedented way. The back cabinet of Varna executive wood veneer furniture desk consists of open cabinets, sliding-door cabinets and pulling-door cabinets , creating dynamic display and storage function. The embedded side cabinet with semi-transparent glass presents new style of office with a more modern and open design


Guls Studio Executive Series – Desks and Meeting Tables

As Sharp, As Smart.
Sharp series, only 8 mm at its thinnest, aiming for the minimum thickness and maximum self-expression. Light, stylish and powerful with a good coordination of multiple materials and flexible combinations. As Sharp, as smart.

Conference Room Which Shows Our Personality
Any conference may be a chance for self-promotion. We are thirsty for a concise, lively and convenient conference system to complete effective brainstorms and team operations.